Dr. Tonya Loken, ND MScN

B.S. Nutrition

M.S. Whole Food Nutrition

Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine

What can a Naturopthic Doctor do for you?

Dr. Loken sees men, women and children of all ages for a variety of conditions.  Just to list a few – fertility, food sensitivities, allergies, pelvic floor issues, thyroid concerns, autoimmune disease, and fatigue. Dr. Loken enjoys working with people who have not found answers from conventional medicine or who are looking for a different way to do healthcare.

What is the cost of an appointment with Dr. Loken?

Your first appointment is about 1 hour – $225.

Follow-up visits are about 30 minutes – $105.

We do require a $50.00 deposit for all appointments with Dr. Tonya and have a 24 cancellation policy. 

Will insurance cover the appointment?

Dr. Loken does not take insurance, but check with your insurance provider – you may be receive reimbursement for your appointment or it could be applied to your deductible.  

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please call 117 Yoga & Wellness at (701) 738 – 8888.

Do you carry any supplements?

Yes, we do carry a few supplements Dr. Tonya commonly recommends for her patients.  We have Cardioauxin, Cortisol Pro, D3 5000, OmegaGenics EPA – DHA 1000, Adreset, Glycogenics, Thyroid Pro, PhytoMulti with Iron, Lavela Ws 1265, and MegaSporebiotic