Workshops & Special Events

Preregistration required for all workshops.

SOLD OUT:) Please contact us if you would like to be added to our waiting list.  Thank you!

Thermea Experience Day Retreat!

4.25.20  $205. Preregistration Required by 4.10.20

We will meet at 7:15a in the parking lot at 117 N. Washington St. The limo will leave right at 7:30a. You can leave your car in the parking lot for the day.  We will ride in a limo to Thermea to spend the day!  This adventure begins with Elderberry Mimosa’s, fruit kebabs, and mini muffins.  We should arrive at Thermea about 10:15a. You can enjoy the Thermea experience of hot, cold and rest before and after lunch. The thermal cycle is a heat therapy treatment that involves alternating hot and cold temperatures, followed by a rest period.  This relaxation ritual is based on a 2,000 year old tradition founded in Nordic countries.  

What is Included?

Limo Ride, Thermea Experience, gourmet lunch in the restaurant, robe rental, snacks on the limo 

What to Bring?

PASSPORT, flip flops, refillable water bottle (not glass bottles are allowed), bathing suit, reading materiel, warm hat, lip balm, sunglasses

 A few Thermea Rules to Know:

Silence is mandatory except in the restaurant and lounge. Use of cameras,m phones and video is prohibited.

Previously Held Events

Open House at 117 Yoga & Wellness

3.14.20 1p – 3p 

Enjoy tea as you tour our center, learn more about our classes & services and meet some of our practitioners!  Be sure to sign up for our door prizes and try a mini class!

Open House Schedule:

Question & Answer Sessions

1p – 1:15p What is Craniosacral Therapy with Arlene

1:20p – 1:40p  What is Healing Touch with Staci

1:40p – 2p What is Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy with Tammy

2p – 2:20p What is Yoga Therapy with Tiffany

Try a Mini Class

2:25p – 2:35 Beginner Tai Chi with Tammy

2:40p – 3p Intro to Restorative Yoga with Diane

3.13.20 Spring Detox Yoga 

10a – 11:30a Learn gentle yoga poses to help increase your digestive fire and detoxify your body!

2.22.20 10a – 11a Join Charlotte to release tight muscles from your shoulders to your hips using Soma Yoga Techniques! Soma Yoga is a gentle form of yoga:) Beginners welcome!                           $10/class or 10% off with membership:) Preregistration required.

Join Tiffany as she uses crystal singing bowls to guide you on a meditative experience of melodic calm.  These crystal singing bowls have a 432 hertz, the register  healing.  Each singing bowl has bn 7chakras, root all the way to crown.  This relaxing experience will deepen as Tiffany guides you through Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). No experience needed, just wear comfortable clothes.

$20. $18. with membership 

Preregistration required.

2.15.20 10a – 11a Release Your Shoulders & Neck using Soma Yoga Techniques with Charlotte!  Soma Yoga is a very gentle form of yoga. Beginners welcome!                                                     $10/class or 10% off with membership:) Preregistration required.

2.8.20 3:30p – 5:30p $20. Join us for a fun day of yoga and cross country skiing! Our time begins at 117 Yoga & Wellness for yoga with Tiffany.  After yoga, we will meet in the warming house at Lincoln Park for cross country skiing during sunset.  Bring your skis or there are a few to use at Lincoln Park.  You can also rent skis from Ski & Bike Shop for $20/day.  Hot cocoa will be waiting for you after your ski:)

1.24.20 7p – 8p at Ely’s Ivy $25   Join us at Ely’s Ivy for Sage Bundle Making & Satsang.  We will meet at Ely’s Ivy @ 7pm to relax with a glass of wine as Tiffany guides you through making your sage bundle. 

The ritual of sage burning has its roots in Native American tradition.  Today, people burn sage to cleanse their space or environment of negative energy, to generate wisdom and clarity and to promote healing.  Registration by 1.22.20 required so we have materials for you.

Himalayan Meditation w/ Tiffany 2.5.20 6p -6:30p

Have you wanted to learn to meditate?

Need a little help starting?

Newbies and well-seasoned meditators alike are welcome to join this experience.  Relax in a comfortable, seated position as Tiffany guides you through a classical, Himalayan meditation.  Through this practice, you will learn techniques to help you sit longer and relax deeper into your meditation.  Reduces stress, & anxiety and helps emotional health.  Plus, meditation helps with memory! No experience needed, just wear comfortable clothes.

$10 or Included in your membership 🙂

Preregistration required.